Cookie Cups with Coconut Cream

One of the things I remember as a kid, was my mom making me chocolate pudding. I was a very picky eater as a child and my mom had a very hard time feeding me. I was thin as a leaf and she was so worried that I wouldn’t grow the way I should. For that reason, she was ready to satisfy any of my whims, to make me eat in an adequate quantity.

Chocolate was always my favorite sweet and although, I was not as much of a sweet eater as I am today, every time I wanted something sweet, chocolate was my thing, my only thing in fact. I had a very specific and narrow range of food I was eating and by no means anyone should change it. Who would have known back then that that picky child would have grown up to a food blogger trying so many different flavors from the local kitchen and the international? I think that I am the living proof of how people change throughout their lives.

Cookie Cups with Coconut Cream

So, one of the very few things I was eating without hesitation was chocolate pudding. Back then there was not instant pudding, so one had to boil the milk and whisk in the pudding mix. Let cool and then eat it. During the week at least three nights that was my dinner. The rest I was eating boiled eggs. Literally, I grew up with milk, eggs and chocolate pudding.

These corn flour puddings made their entrance in the Greek market in the 30’s and they contributed a lot to the decrease of children’s mortality in Greece which was quite high due to an epidemic of dysentery. Since they had to boil the milk to make the pudding all the bacteria responsible for causing the disease were killed and it was a safe food for toddlers.

Cookie Cups with Coconut Cream

Many years have gone by since that time and the company that started producing these types of puddings in Greece, still exists and has grown to large corporation with important exports around the world. Along with that classic pudding, they have created many other products among them the instant pudding which no longer does it need boiling milk, but it can be made with cold milk straight from the fridge.

I always have couple of envelopes of such puddings just in case. They always remind me of my childhood. This past weekend my husband asked me for a sweet. Unlike me, he is not that fond of chocolate. He is more of white sweets fan. I was very tired but on the other hand I didn’t want to say no to him, as he is a person who almost never asks for something. I didn’t want something fussy or difficult, cause I wanted to get it over with and continue my siesta time.

Cookie Cups with Coconut Cream

I had some Pillsbury chocolate cookie dough in my fridge, some coconut milk (I always have this for my Asian dishes) and of course vanilla instant pudding.

I also toasted some coconut shreds and there it was a delicious and so easy to make sweet. If you have friends coming over or if you want something quick and super tasty, this is the thing for you. Ready to indulge in no more than 15 minutes.

Cookie Cups with Coconut Cream


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Cookie Cups Filled with Coconut Cream
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Dessert
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 1 envelope 62 gr. / 2.1 oz instant vanilla pudding
  • 350 ml / 12 fl. oz. coconut milk
  • 6 tbsp caster sugar
  • 1 package Pillsbury chocolate cookie dough (12 chocolate cookies per package)
  • 6 tsp finely grated coconut
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Preheat oven to 175°C / 350°F.
  2. Take a muffin pan and oil it well.
  3. Spread the cookie dough to cover the bottom and some of the sides of each case.
  4. Bake for 11 to 12 minutes.
  5. Remove and immediately with the bottom of a small glass deflate the center of each cookie creating a nest.
  6. Let them cool completely and take them out of the muffin pan.
  7. In the mean time prepare the instant pudding by mixing the pudding mixture with the coconut milk and the caster sugar.
  8. In a small skillet, toast the grated coconut and set aside to cool.
  1. Put the coconut/vanilla pudding in a piping bag and fill the cookie nests.
  2. Sprinkle some toasted coconut flakes on top and serve.
  3. If you don’t eat them all, place them in a sealed plastic container and in the fridge.

5.0 from 4 reviews
Φωλιές Μπισκότου με Γέμιση Κρέμα Καρύδας
Author/ Συγγραφέας:
Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Επιδόρπιο
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 1 φάκελο στιγμιαίο άνθος αραβοσίτου με γεύση βανίλιας
  • 350 ml γάλα καρύδας
  • 6 κ.σ. ζάχαρη άχνη
  • 1 πακέτο ζύμη για σοκολατένια μπισκότα Pillsbury (12 μπισκότα σοκολάτας ανά συσκευασία)
  • 6 κ.γ. τριμμένη καρύδα
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
  1. Προθερμένετε το φούρνο στους 175°C.
  2. Πάρτε ένα ταψί για μάφινς και λαδώστε το καλά.
  3. Βάλτε από ένα κοματάκι ζύμης σε κάθε θήκη μάφιν και απλώστε το έτσι ώστε να καλύψει τον πάτο και λίγο από τα τοιχώματα.
  4. Ψήστε για 11 έως 12 λεπτά.
  5. Αφαιρέστε και αμέσως με τον πάτο ενός μικρού ποτηριού πατήστε το κέντρο κάθε μπισκότου έτσι ώστε να δημιουργηθεί μια φωλιά.
  6. Αφήστε τα να κρυώσουν εντελώς και βγάλτε τα από το ταψάκι.
  7. Εν τω μεταξύ προετοιμάστε τη στιγμιαία κρέμα αναμιγνύοντας τη σκόνη με το γάλα καρύδας και τη ζάχαρη άχνη.
  8. Σε ένα μικρό τηγάνι, καβουρδίστε το τρίμμα καρύδας και αφήστε στην άκρη να κρυώσει.
  1. Βάλτε την κρέμα σε ένα κορνέ και γεμίστε τις φωλιές μπισκότων.
  2. Πασπαλίστε με μερικές νιφάδες καρύδας στην κορυφή και σερβίρετε.
  3. Αν δεν τα φάτε όλα, τοποθετήστε τα σε ένα σφραγισμένο πλαστικό δοχείο και στο ψυγείο.


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