Savory Puff Pastry Nests
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Recipe type/ Τύπος Πιάτου: Appetizer
Ingredients/ Συστατικά
  • 350 gr. / 12 oz. turkey or pork sausage with leeks
  • 30 puff pastry rosettes
  • 1 cup tomato juice
  • ¼ cup dry red wine
  • ½ tsp dried basil
  • ½ tsp dried oregano
  • ¼ tsp cardamom
  • ¼ tsp cumin
  • ¼ tsp paprika
For the Mashed Potatoes
  • 900 gr. / 32 oz. peeled potatoes
  • 200 ml / 7 oz. milk, scalded
  • 100 gr. / 3.5 oz. melted margarine or butter
  • ½ tsp ground nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper
Instructions/ Εκτέλεση
For the Mashed Potatoes
  1. In salted water boil the potatoes until completely soft and done.
  2. Remove from fire and drain them.
  3. Put them in a food mill and make them puree.
  4. Add all the rest of the ingredients and mix until they are incorporated.
  5. Put aside.
For the Sausage
  1. Cut the sausage in medium pieces and place them in your blender.
  2. Mix until they mushy just like the ground meat.
  3. Take a pot and place it on the stove in medium heat.
  4. Throw the ground sausage, the tomato juice and all the rest of the ingredients and bring to boil.
  5. Lower heat and let simmer for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove from fire.
  7. In the mean time we can prepare the puff pastry nests.
  8. Preheat oven to 200° C / 400° F.
  9. Butter two 15 case muffin pans.
  10. Put the puff pastry rosettes so as to cover the bottom and the sides of each case.
  11. With a fork, pinch the dough in several places.
  12. Put in the oven and bake for 5 minutes.
  13. Take them out.
  14. Leave the oven turned on.
  15. Add 1 to 1 ½ tbsp. of the ground sausage to each nest.
  16. Take a plastic food bag and fill it with the mashed potatoes.
  17. Cut the one tip of the bag so as to have an opening of about 1,5 cm / 0.5 in.
  18. Start decorating with the mashed potatoes the same way you do with the cupcakes.
  19. Place the muffin tins in the oven and bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until the mashed potatoes tips have taken a golden color.
  20. Remove from the oven, let them cool a little bit and then serve.
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