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Today I become 2 years old. Not me –although God knows how much I would love to be two again- my blog becomes two years old. Two years ago I decided to share my passion and love for food with people around the world who have the same wish.

At this point and since today is an anniversary I would like to share a few moments and memories of my life, so as for you to get to know better the person behind the blog, the person behind the smiling picture on the right.

I was fortunate enough to be born in a very loving family. My mother’s parents came from Asia Minor. My grandfather was from Constantinople/Istanbul and my grandmother was from Cappadokia. They were Greeks who lived there and came to Greece just before my country lost the war from Turkey in 1922. I loved them dearly and while my father was working, I and my mother were visiting them very often. In their home I smelled and tasted food that comes from the mingling of civilizations, from the love some people have for good quality ingredients.

I will always treasure those memories, because they were and still are very dear to me.

In my home my mother was a great cook too. As a child I remember during celebrations my home to be full of people. I played a major role in the preparations helping my mother arrange everything. I can remember myself decorating cakes, cutting salads, made the tables etc.

When I went to US to complete my studies, I stayed in an apartment in a condo. I can remember that I cooked everyday (except the days of exams) and the building was smelling Greek food. I cooked that much that once I had a neighbor knocking at my door disturbed of my super cooking activity.

What I wanted to say is that all my life food played a big role in my life and was connected with dear persons and experiences. Now as a mother and wife I truly believe that one strong bond among family members is a nicely made table with good food on it. And that’s exactly what I am trying to offer to my family. I put all my love and affection I feel for them in this, hoping that they will like it and appreciate it.

So, today that my blog celebrates its second birthday, I want to offer something to you, who spend time from your heavy schedules to read my thoughts, my recipes, my feelings. Thus, from today and every week until Christmas I will give one gift for the one person who will be drawn from a lottery. This whole event is sponsored completely by me and my life’s sweetest sponsor my husband. Now the terms are very simple and straightforward. First, just leave a comment on the post that has the giveaway and second be a follower of my blog by clicking on the button on the right. If you are a follower already, just let me know on your comment. Final date is Sunday 21st November 2010, 00:00 local time, which is, for you non-Greek friends, Greenwich time plus 2 hours. You are eligible with one entry per person. I will be sending these gifts everywhere in our small, lonely planet that post delivers.

In this post the giveaway is a booklet from Vefa Alexiadou. She is a very famous Greek cook. The booklet contains 91 authentic Greek recipes and it is in English. I am sure whoever gets it, will enjoy it.

Not a recipe today just my thoughts and the giveaway. Thank you all again for being there and sharing with me my good and bad moments.