Smoked Salmon with Philadelphia Cheese

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I have so many recipes to post and still I do not have the time to sit down and write about them. This is a quick one I made on Sunday. I haven’t reinvented the wheel but it is simple and very tasty. You can offer it in a party or in a formal gathering either like that or by making the salmon in rolls.


Smoked Salmon with Philadelphia Cheese
Two packages of salmon 100 gr. each
100 gr. Philadelphia Cheese (feta-cucumber flavor, if you don’t have this type of Philadelphia in your country you can use plain or low fat Philadelphia)
100 gr. low fat Philadelphia Cheese ( I used the one with yogurt)
1 tbsp very finely chopped dill


Mix the two different types of Philadelphia and add the dill or if you have just the plain flavor mix it with the dill. Cut the salmon in pieces and add one tsp of cream cheese on top. Garnish with dill. You can take the salmon fillet and put 1 tbsp of cream cheese and then make it a roll. Either way it is very easy and very tasteful.