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Bobbi Ann Marshall (BAM) is a registered nurse specializing in cardiology, medical writer, and passionate cook.  She worked for two decades in the American medical field, before moving to Asia in 2008.

Bobbi owns a blog called BAM’s Kitchen and focuses on healthy world cuisine, guiding readers with insights into fun and healthy cooking options. When she asked me to do a guest post, I immediately said yes. She has some truly delicious recipes inspired by her living in Hong Kong.

Today I made for her a Chicken with Chestnuts and Mushrooms inspired by my father’s homeland Thessalia, which is an area in the central part of Greece. The place where my father was born, is surrounded by chestnut trees and forests where you can pick some wild mushrooms.

This dish is warm, hearty and packed with forest flavors. Head over to Bam’s Kitchen to check this recipe along with Bobbi’s mouthwatering culinary creations!

Don’t forget to come here tomorrow for a new Christmas recipe that will wait for you!

Chicken Filet with Chestnuts.JPG