Short Break

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First of all I would like to thank all of you my friends for all your kind words of sympathy. Well, it seems that as you perfectly noted in your comments, when it rains it pours. I will have to take a small break from blogging. My mom’s knee needs a surgery and she will have to walk with help for about 2 months. As you can understand, this means that not only will I have to continue doing what I am doing right now, but also I will have to take care of her as well. Of course she will have help from a nurse, but I will assume all the other household things she was responsible for.
I guess that leaves me no time for posting recipes, I suppose. I hate sacrificing something I really love, but on the other hand my mom has been a life savior all these years for me, so I feel I have to return the favor.
Thus, I will have to stay off air for a month, to be able to cope with this situation as efficiently as possible. My mom is having the surgery on Friday, so just keep your fingers crossed for us. I will try to follow you whenever this is possible and I promise I will be back in a month with more good food.
Take care and stay safe! See you soon!