What’s your favorite sweet for Christmas? Is it chocolate or is it citrus? Is it torte or is it cake? Is it cookies or a tart? Here are ten desserts that are perfect for the coming festive days! Either with family or friends they are the perfect sweet ending to a delicious meal. From traditional Greek to delicious international sweets that will definitely make an impression!



Christmas Yule Log


Yule Log



Triple Chocolate and Chestnut Torte





Greek Style Macarons


Greek Style Macarons



Peppermint Laced Chocolate Torte


Peppermint Chocolate Torte 2



Dark Chocolate Torte with Strawberry Jell


Dark Chocolate Torte 6b





Diples 1b



Christmas Buttery Cookies


Kourabiedes 1a



Little Chocolate Baklava Bites


Chocolate Baklava 8a



Chocolate Mont Blanc


Chocolate Mont Blanc 3a



Molten Spiced Chocolate Cakes


Molten Cake