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You are all familiar by now with myself and Jill’s joint venture, which is a culinary trip to Athens, Greece 😀 . Well, the trip is organized day by day. There is a lot of work behind this, but I have the help of very special people, who are very experienced in organizing such trips. Anyone who wants to join us on this trip, can contact me or her to our e-mails which are listed in our sites.

So, when Jill asked me to do a guest post for Saucycooks, I thought of making something that carries the flavors and aromas of my country, Greece. The recipe comes from Argiro Barbarigou a new generation Greek chef. I have been making quite a few of her recipes and she hasn’t let me down.

Mastic Scented Cream.JPG

If you can find mastic, by all means do try it, but even if you cannot acquire this unique Greek product make it with any flavor you like!

Now, follow me to Saucycooks to see how this easy, quick and tasty cream is made!

Mastic Scented Cream.JPG

I am sending this to Full Plate Thursday hosted by Miz Helen!