As 2017 is about to expire, I went back to all the months that preceded and tried to pick one recipe that was a hit or special from each one of them. It was hard because every time I make something I put all my energy, love and affection to it and thus everything you see here is loved and appreciated. But since I picked this title, I had also to pick a recipe from every month of 2017. Here is then twelve delicious sweet and savory dishes that you should definitely consider.




A traditional Rice Pudding that is very well known to every Greek home as Rizògalo




A dish of Ravioli never fails to satisfy even the most picky palates

Sweet Wine Stuffed Ravioli



Why eat it out of home when you can make this Gyros even better in your own kitchen?

Greek Gyros



I always say that a husband in the kitchen can make miracles just like this Tuna Pasta

Tuna Pasta



A strong breakfast with a Meatless Croque Monsieur loads you with energy for the rest of the day!

Croque Monsieur



I can eat from these Falafel wraps until my stomach bursts

Falafel Wrap



Let’s shake things up a bit with this Coconut Kahlua Shake

Coconut Kahlua Shake



This local boats of ground beef or otherwise Paynirlì are a staple where I live




Not one not two but three chocolate cookies, triple pleasure

Three Chocolate Cookies



An apple a day makes the doctor go away! How about a whole pie?

Apple Pasta Frola



When I say loaded, I mean loaded!

Loaded Garlic Bread



December is the month of Christmas and this Yule Log is the best way to celebrate

Yule Log


Happy New Year to all of you my friends! May 2018 bring to your path every wish, secret dream, ambition or goal you have dreamed about!