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Double Chocolate Tiramisù

As I was saying, Valentine’s Day tends to get very pricy and, between us, all market tries to exploit it as much as possible and in most cases at the expense of the consumers. So, and since many of us will be celebrating with our kids, I am giving you this kids friendly Tiramisù adapted from...


Herbed Salmon Over Couscous

Being a citizen of the world apart from the several disadvantages- we all saw how quickly the swine flu was spread throughout the world, or the nuclear accident in Japan that affected all of us, after that tremendous earthquake- it has many advantages as well. For example we get to know about different people and...


Orange Chicken with Rice Noodles

As you know through this blog, I am trying to feed my family with food that comes from different parts of the world. Through food I have the chance to talk to my son about different places and different cultures. Last Saturday as we were talking my son expressed the wish to eat tofu and...


Saint Basil’s Pie for 2012 (Vasilopita)

You know from my previous year’s post that every New Year’s Day in Greece we have the custom of Vasilopita, which basically is a cake or a tsoureki with a coin in it. We cut pieces of this cake/tsoureki and whoever wins the coin is the lucky of the year. You can find the whole...


Little Chicken Triangles

It’s a fact, I simply love chicken. I don’t know why; perhaps it is because chicken is such a versatile meat that practically goes with almost everything. Anyway, I had two chicken breasts in my fridge and a package of phyllo sheets that was sitting in my freezer almost forever. I needed to do something...