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Peach Spoon Sweet (Gliko Koutaliou Rodakino)

Back in the old days when countries were secluded from each other, cooking and baking were more traditional. Each country had a specific range of savory and sweet dishes. Today, with the increased penetration of the media in our lives and the technologically advanced and faster transportation means, people have adopted other countries’ culinary customs....


Mini Doughnuts

One of the things I really enjoyed when I was studying in the States was doughnuts. I tried all sorts of doughnuts and to tell you the truth, I loved them all. If you made me choose one as my favorite, I would say that Boston cream were the ones that I was buying more...


Kourkoubínia (Little Phyllo Rolls)

Last weekend I made a small pan of tiropita (Greek cheese pie) and I had 6 phyllo sheets left. You know phyllo is not something that lasts for many days, so I had to act really fast. I could make another pita, but I was bored and then came to me. I could make kourkoubínia....