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Stuffed Ravioli with Sweet Wine Sauce

Hephaestus was among the twelve gods the ugliest and less fortunate one. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and lived in Olympus mountain along with his parents. As we all know Zeus was a notorious womanizer and that had as a result continuous fights with his wife Hera. In one of these fights...


Applesauce Cake

Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus (or Mainalos or Schoeneus, according to Hyginus), a Boeotian, or an Arcadian princess. Her childhood was pretty dramatic according to myth. When she was born, her father was so disappointed for having a girl instead of a boy, that took the infant and left it in the woods. One...


Baked Chicken and Gnocchi in Halloumi Sauce

Pygmalion, according to mythology, was king of Cyprus and an excellent sculptor. Annoyed by the morals of his contemporary women dedicated himself in sculpture. He, then, begun an effort to create the perfect female figure. When he succeeded, he gave it the name Galatea. Galatea in Greek means white as milk. He was so touched...


A Special Menu for Your Sweetheart

  Valentine’s is just around the corner and although I don’t really believe in all this commercialized feast, it gives me the chance to share with you some special dishes I think would be perfect for a celebration with your loved ones whenever you feel like it, Valentine’s or not. Besides, when you love someone...