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Briam (Greek Ratatouille)

I am trying really hard the past few days to keep up with all of you and I know that I haven’t been much of a follower lately, but several circumstances have kept me from spending much time on the net. One such occasion is my son’s Name Day and his party. Here in Greece,...


Mascarpone Pots with Strawberries

I am officially back! After taking an obligatory break from blogging, I am back on air. All this period I was away from the net and I mean literally away from blogging, it was really weird. I had more time to do a few things I wasn’t able to do before, I can tell you...


Out of Order

I am sorry my friends but my laptop has crushed. Some very good people at my maintenance company are trying to backup my files so I won’t lose my files and photographs. They are telling me that they are in the process of retrieving all my files and they will set it up again. Thank...