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Savory Rainbow Muffins

fava of Santorini, shrimps, pepper, onion, tomato, wine, legume, Greek, main course, seafood Marriage in Greece, just as I think in many other parts of this world, is very important not only for the couple, but also for the families and friends around. In the old days the festivities started one week before the wedding....


Lemony Shrimps

Greece is surrounded by sea. According to encyclopedias, Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world at 13,676 km (8,498 miles) in length, with approximately 1,400 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. From the ancient ages all civilizations that lived in this part of the world had a very close and strong connection to...


Puffy Nests Filled with Vanilla Cream and Apples

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! I dreamed about this sweet! Seriously, I was sleeping a few days ago and I was dreaming about sweets. I woke up in the middle of the night and I said to myself: “These puffy nests will be the post on the coming Monday.”  Can you...


Little Chocolate Baklava Bites

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! As I have mentioned to you before, Greece was under the Ottoman Empire for 400 years between 1453 and 1821 when the rebellion of Greeks has started, in order to be released from the Turkish chains. But even after the 1821 only one small part of...


Chicken Pockets Stuffed with Feta and Yogurt

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! September has already entered and along with it fall as well. Although temperatures in Greece are still high, if one observes carefully, notices that some leaves have started to fall here and there, days are shorter than nights and summer heat is replaced by a cooler...