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German Chocolate Cake

Cake is a sweet that was very easily incorporated into the Greek range of sweets. We make all sorts of cakes and we have learned to love and appreciate them. As I told you, during this weekend I had plenty of time, because of the snow that held us inside. So, I decided to make...


Sweet and Sour Cabbage Salad

I am sure you wonder what has happened with me and I post so often. The reason behind this is that for the past few days our ERP system at work has crashed and basically I do not have so many things to do. So, I have plenty of time to post. Enjoy it while...


Rigatoni Primavera

This weekend I made two dishes, a sweet and sour pork and this pasta. I am not going to post the pork recipe, since I did not like it. As I told you I am only posting recipes worth the trouble and effort. This one is great. Although it is a souffle, it is fairly...


Pizza Muffins

I always have a problem, as to what to give my son at school as a snack. He always gets bored, if I do not change his snack often. So, I always try to have a variety of options. These pizza muffins are ideal for such a case. They are also great for a party...