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I was talking to my Italian teacher the other day because she had her name day and it came to me the idea of making tiramisu. I really love italian cuisine. When I was younger and had Italian courses with Laura (my Italian teacher I mentioned earlier), I used to ask her about authentic recipes. She...


E.T. Pasta Au Gratin

  Do you remember Steven Spielberg’s movie “E.T.”? It was a romantic movie with a very funny little creature from another planet. I suppose that is how everybody would want life from outer space look like. Anyway, I remembered that movie because of the E.T. initials I gave to this dish. Of course, this is...


Lasagna Bolognese

We are all sick again. My child brought from the kindergarten a spring flu and me and my husband caught it as well. This winter has been nothing more than fever, cold, cough, runny nose and all these beauties that come with a good cold. But now I thought that since the weather here is...


Penne au Gratin

This recipe is for a “I do not know what to make” dish and is very easy and requires more or less things that we all have in our closet. Even if you do not have an ingredient of the ones I used you can always substitute with something you do have available. It is...


Pork Tenderloin al Marsala

Italy!What can I say about a country that is full of history. In every place you go you see the past revealing in front of you so vivid, so overwelming. I have been to Italy three times and hopefully this summer I will visit the country again this time destination will be Rome. I can’t...

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