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Pork with Celery and Avgolemono Sauce

Between 1600BC and 1100BC a great civilization flourished in mainland Greece and more specifically in the Peloponnese peninsula; The Mycenaean Civilization. It grew so strong and powerful that dominated eastern Mediterranean Sea, Crete and the islands of Aegean Sea. The center of this civilization was the city of Mycenae, from which historians gave it its...


Whole Wheat Pockets Stuffed with Chicken Avgolemono

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! Are you food puritans? No, seriously, do you want the name of a specific dish to apply to the original version of it, or you accept all tweaks and versions to fall under this same name? I had a long conversation the other day with a...


Chicken and Cabbage Stew

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! Greek kitchen was very much influenced by Middle Eastern Kitchen especially since after World War 1 with the persecution of one million Greeks from the coast of Turkey. These people came to Greece as refugees in 1923 and along with them brought their eating habits as...