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Tsoureki (Sweet Easter Bread)

  I am so sad these past days, I just wanted to do something to cheer me up a little bit. So, what better way to elevate my mood than to dye my Easter eggs and make Tsoureki? This is a recipe by Stelios Parliaros my favorite pastry chef and I make it every year...


Raisins Bread (Stafidopsomo)

As I have told you in the past, here in Greece we still have bakeries that sell bread, cookies and other sweet treats. In every neighborhood one can find several of them. I make my own bread now, so my visits to my local bakery are limited. Last time I went there, was to buy...


Lagana (Greek Flat Bread)

Just before I start talking about my yet another bread adventure, I can’t help but sharing some thoughts regarding this catastrophe in Japan. I saw on TV how in a matter of minutes the wreath of nature has made disappear what humans have created in so many years of struggle and effort. Also, all these...


Classic Baguette

Bread, the primary and very important food for humans from the Neolithic era. It is considered to be one of the oldest types of prepared food. It is amazing how bread in many forms plays a major role in most cultures and nationalities. Bread is a basic and very nutritious form of food, plus it...



I am going to tell you a short story. My father comes from a mountainous village in the central Greece. His village is called Sklithro and is located around 600 m. above the level of the sea in the mountain of Mavrovouni (Black Mountain). The village is very small and not touristic at all. It...


Burger Buns

I am on a diet. You know, I keep saying that so as to believe it and try to keep away from temptation. I have to be strong, so as to lose 2 more kilos and then I will be ok. The thing is, that I have a food blog though and I cannot sustain...