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Chestnut and Vegetables Soup

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! Up until couple of days ago, weather here was summery. Temperatures at the 30’s C and we all enjoyed a prolonged summer in the heart of fall. Two days ago that scenery changed dramatically. Temperature fell sharply and rains followed by storms landed upon us. All...


Lentil Soup (Fakes Soupa)

Η συνταγή και στα ελληνικά στο τέλος της ανάρτησης! As you may have noticed in my photos, I enlarged the watermark and put it right in the middle of the photo. Up until now, I tried to have the name of my site somewhere that would not ruin the aesthetics of the photo. Well, couple...


Fasolada/Cannellini Beans Soup

I suppose when someone hears Greek food, immediately thinks of souvlaki or tzatziki. It is true that these two have become, over the years, a trade mark of Greek food. Nevertheless, as I was growing up, what we as Greeks considered being our most traditional and staple Greek dish was fasolada. Fasolada is a cannellini...


Caramelized Onions and Chicken Soup

As school has started, so did the viruses. My son brought from school one that gave us sore throat, runny nose and coughing. Oh God and we haven’t even started yet! Now, what a good mom would do to help her family cope with this? A warm soup and a lot of love, that’s my...


Chicken Soup

  I think March is showing us his teeth. It is freaking cold outside and the temperature keeps falling. I was hoping that the weather would start getting warmer, but I guess he doesn’t feel like it! Anyway, I ate this soup many years ago, during my first trip to the US. I was visiting...


Quick Meals Part 1: Mushroom Soup

My husband had a terrible cold the other day. I wanted to do something hearty, warm and comfortable to make him feel better. Did I mention quick? I guess I didn’t. Sorry about that, so I wanted something hearty, warm, comfortable, quick and easy. Now that’s more like it. From the title as you can understand...


Vegetarian Magiritsa

Now, I do not know how to describe this dish. I will do my best to explain. Great Saturday night here in Greece the custom calls for magiritsa. Magiritsa, basically, is a kind of soup made of lettuce, lamb’s intestines chopped, dill and other veggies. To be honest with you, I hate it. I never...

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