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Now, this sweet is totally the opposite from the mug cake. It is not difficult per se, but it requires time. I did it in two phases. First, I prepared the choux dough and second, I made the crème patisserie and the chocolate ganache. I loved it and so did everyone who tasted it! Profiteroles...


Tsoureki (Sweet Easter Bread)

  I am so sad these past days, I just wanted to do something to cheer me up a little bit. So, what better way to elevate my mood than to dye my Easter eggs and make Tsoureki? This is a recipe by Stelios Parliaros my favorite pastry chef and I make it every year...


Raisins Bread (Stafidopsomo)

As I have told you in the past, here in Greece we still have bakeries that sell bread, cookies and other sweet treats. In every neighborhood one can find several of them. I make my own bread now, so my visits to my local bakery are limited. Last time I went there, was to buy...


Homemade Pizza

I love pizza, in fact I could live by eating pizza everyday! Pizza is a very versatile meal and you can add practically anything from vegetables to meats, fish and seafood. It is an easy weekday meal that can be prepared with anything available at home. It is also a company friendly meal. Whenever we...



Before I begin my posting, I must tell you that after completing this recipe, I felt really happy. Perhaps it is because, I consider, making such sweets, to be very demanding. Perhaps it is the fact that, I am totally self-taught and when I succeed in making such a venture, I believe that I can...


Burger Buns

I am on a diet. You know, I keep saying that so as to believe it and try to keep away from temptation. I have to be strong, so as to lose 2 more kilos and then I will be ok. The thing is, that I have a food blog though and I cannot sustain...


Tsoureki Revisited

Every Easter I like to do two things; firstly to paint red eggs and secondly to make tsoureki. Tsoureki is like challah. During my lifetime I have tasted many tsourekia, some of them were good, some awful and some of them exquisite. It is true that homemade tsoureki is not the same as the store-bought....


Sweet Bread (Tsoureki)

As you know I am greek and I live in Athens, Greece. Here the majority of the population are Christians Orthodox. We had our Easter past Sunday. In Greece as a tradition among other things we make tsoureki the week before Easter Sunday. Tsoureki is a sweet bread something like the challah of the Jews...


Cinnamon Cookies

  For my first entry on my blog and since Christmas time is coming in less than 20 days, time passes so quickly, I chose to bake cinnamon cookies. These cookies are very easy and tasty. I would definitely make them again.  They are perfect for lent as they don’t contain any dairy or eggs...

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