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Sweet Bread (Tsoureki)

As you know I am greek and I live in Athens, Greece. Here the majority of the population are Christians Orthodox. We had our Easter past Sunday. In Greece as a tradition among other things we make tsoureki the week before Easter Sunday. Tsoureki is a sweet bread something like the challah of the Jews...


Bougatsa with Cream or Sweet Cream Pie

I had a terrible gastrenderites virus last week and I stayed in bed most of the time drinking tea and eatind rice or plain pasta. This means that I was not able to consume all that milk I drink daily. This further means that I had a lot of milk that was close to expiration...


Tiganites with Yogurt

When I woke up on Saturday morning I wanted something sweet and filling. During summer I found this recipe from Diana Kohyla in a recipe book which, translated, is called “The dictionary of greek cuisine” and was given gratis with a greek newspaper called “TA NEA”. I gave it a try and it was very...


Cinnamon Cookies

  For my first entry on my blog and since Christmas time is coming in less than 20 days, time passes so quickly, I chose to bake cinnamon cookies. These cookies are very easy and tasty. I would definitely make them again.  They are perfect for lent as they don’t contain any dairy or eggs...