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Homemade Pizza

I love pizza, in fact I could live by eating pizza everyday! Pizza is a very versatile meal and you can add practically anything from vegetables to meats, fish and seafood. It is an easy weekday meal that can be prepared with anything available at home. It is also a company friendly meal. Whenever we...



I am going to tell you a short story. My father comes from a mountainous village in the central Greece. His village is called Sklithro and is located around 600 m. above the level of the sea in the mountain of Mavrovouni (Black Mountain). The village is very small and not touristic at all. It...


Crab-Filled Crescent Wontons

I always try to find nice recipes for appetizers. To be honest, many times, I prefer to eat little somethings than a full course meal. Here in Greece we call them “mezedakia” and I know in Spain they are called “tapas”. I love this because I get to taste different flavors and I am never...


Pizza Muffins

I always have a problem, as to what to give my son at school as a snack. He always gets bored, if I do not change his snack often. So, I always try to have a variety of options. These pizza muffins are ideal for such a case. They are also great for a party...

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