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Biftekia (Greek Burgers)

I know American burgers have all the fame. I know that when someone speaks about burgers his mind goes to US. This is kind of a staple for the country. Something like croissant for French or Moussaka for Greeks or pasta for Italians. I know all that, but it is always good to approach things...


Brined Pork Steaks with Potato Chips

I am always in the search of easy and tasty recipes. Most of the days I run like crazy, trying to arrange everything. Making dinner is a very time consuming process, I am sure you all know that. There is no such thing as 30 minute meal or 25 minute meal, unless you buy something...


Teriyaki Beef Snitsels

I would have missed this post, if it hadn’t been for a last minute idea. I was supposed to post about a very easy sweet, I have been making many times in the past, but my little kitchen elf did something-I have no idea what-and the sweet was a total failure. Then my son gave...


Chicken Salad

These days it is very hot here. The temperature by Thursday will rise to 40° C. How much I wish, I could be in an island next to the sea, swimming and relaxing. Instead I have to crawl from home to work and vice versa. Anyway, who said life is fair? As you can understand,...


Veal Stew with Mashed Potatoes

As you will notice today there are two types of posts. One involves the usual recipe. The other one regards a visit we did in a ranch in the southern part of Greece and more specifically in Sofiko. But let’s take first thing first. My son goes to the 1st grade of primary school. He...


Pork Tenderloin au Gratin

Trying to find something new to serve your family every weekend can be a very tricky business. The expectations are very high and I must prove them right. I always search for inspiration in magazines or internet or any other source possible. In this case, I found this recipe in a Greek magazine a very...


Spaghetti Bolognese

 To be honest with you, I feel a little embarassed posting this recipe. The reason is that, this is a very easy meal for me and a comfort food for my family. I believe all families have meals like that and all of you have meals that are easy and comforting. The only reason I...


Pork Chops with Grapes and Balsamico

As fall has started to show us its teeth, I have a tendency of cooking juicy, saucy meals. The original recipe for this meal comes from a very famous Greek chef called Vagelis Driskas. I did some alterations so as to adapt it to my taste, but you can find the original recipe here. It...


Lasagna Bolognese

We are all sick again. My child brought from the kindergarten a spring flu and me and my husband caught it as well. This winter has been nothing more than fever, cold, cough, runny nose and all these beauties that come with a good cold. But now I thought that since the weather here is...


Pork Tenderloin al Marsala

Italy!What can I say about a country that is full of history. In every place you go you see the past revealing in front of you so vivid, so overwelming. I have been to Italy three times and hopefully this summer I will visit the country again this time destination will be Rome. I can’t...

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