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Molten Chocolate Cakes

Today is my birthday! I am officially 42 years old. I will spare you of all my inner thoughts, fears and resolutions I usually make this day, or every other day as a matter of fact and I will just offer you these little treats, which are absolutely ‘chocolaty’ and decadent. I found this recipe...


Yogurt Chicken

I found this recipe many years ago in an online Greek radio station. Back then, I was really intrigued by the usage of yogurt in the end of the cooking procedure and I decided to give this a try. The recipe came from a person called Themis Liveriades. I had no idea who he was...


Saint Basil’s Pie (Vasilopita )

First of all I would like to wish to all of you my friends a Very Happy and Loving New Year. I hope that 2011 really good things will happen to your lives this coming year. Ok, let’s talk a little tradition here. In Greece we, Christian Orthodox, have the custom of Vasilopita. Just after...


Lachanodolmades (Cabbage Dolmades)

First of all let me just thank each and every one of you again for your beautiful wishes and comments. I really appreciate them a lot. We may live far away from one another, but we are all part of this beautiful community that has no borders and distances. Now back to our weekly recipe....


Soufflé with Cream Cheese

I was browsing my recipes, to find something not too loaded with calories, not too fussy, not too much. I have to tell you that I have lots and lots of recipes. My husband makes fun of me and he says that, if every day I cooked a different recipe, it would take me 5...


Molten Chocolate Cake

Now, isn’t this oven glove cute or what? I couldn’t resist the idea of photographing it and I found this opportunity with these cakes. My mother bought them for me and I think they are lovely. Anyway, yesterday my son finished studying early enough to allow me to go to the kitchen and make these...


Tiganites with Yogurt

When I woke up on Saturday morning I wanted something sweet and filling. During summer I found this recipe from Diana Kohyla in a recipe book which, translated, is called “The dictionary of greek cuisine” and was given gratis with a greek newspaper called “TA NEA”. I gave it a try and it was very...



I am really sorry for the delay in posting, but all this time I had my child sick with a flu and I had no time at all. Now that things go better I have a little time to give you the recipe of the crepes batter I have promised you. This batter makes around...

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