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Goat Cheese Pies

  I don’t know what has happened to me the last few days and although I cooked a lot I did not have the time to post about it. Now, I have a little time before I go to pick up my child from school so as to give you a quick and tasty recipe...


Green and Red Salad

  As I told you my friends sent me a few recipes with pomegranate. And as I promised, I will start posting as soon as I make them. This recipe was sent to me by a friend of mine, Efi. Efi is a lawyer and a friend of mine since high school. We used to...


Potato Souffle

  First of all I would like to thank everyone who has sent me a pomegranate recipe via e-mail. I will try to make as many as my bulk of pomegranates allows me. Today I am going to make potato suffle. It is an easy meal very yummy but a little bit time consuming. But...


Cretan Dacos my way

  I know it’s been a while since my last post, but the past month has been quite hectic and although I cooked a lot and had the desire to blog about it, unfortunately it remained only a wishful thought. Anyway, I am back and I hope I will be blogging more often. I am...



I am really sorry for the delay in posting, but all this time I had my child sick with a flu and I had no time at all. Now that things go better I have a little time to give you the recipe of the crepes batter I have promised you. This batter makes around...


Spinach Crepes

Usually, I do not take recipes from product packages or magazines that have nothing to do with food. This is an exception though. I found this recipe on the package of instant crepe mix. It appealled to me from the very beginning since I like spinach very much, plus it is a rich source of...