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Veal a la Francaise

IMPORTANT NOTE: BLOGGER HAS CUT GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT FROM ALL NON BLOGGER BLOGS, SO IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THROUGH FEEDBURNER OR THROUGH MAIL! I am thinking of writing a book. And since this is a food blog, I am sure your first thought is that it is going to be...


Savarin (Babà with Rum)

I was supposed to post this recipe couple of days ago, but a little family crisis prevented me from doing so. When everything will calm down, I will share it with you, because I always value the opinion of a third person. A person, who is detached from the whole incident, usually gives you a...



Now, this sweet is totally the opposite from the mug cake. It is not difficult per se, but it requires time. I did it in two phases. First, I prepared the choux dough and second, I made the crème patisserie and the chocolate ganache. I loved it and so did everyone who tasted it! Profiteroles...



Before I begin my posting, I must tell you that after completing this recipe, I felt really happy. Perhaps it is because, I consider, making such sweets, to be very demanding. Perhaps it is the fact that, I am totally self-taught and when I succeed in making such a venture, I believe that I can...



I am really sorry for the delay in posting, but all this time I had my child sick with a flu and I had no time at all. Now that things go better I have a little time to give you the recipe of the crepes batter I have promised you. This batter makes around...

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