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Chicken in Honey Mustard Sauce

I always say that these days are great, but only if you are a kid. Every year I say to myself that I will make time for me, so as to enjoy these days and every year I am up to the neck at work and at home. Anyway, this is a very easy recipe,...


Cheese Souffle with Kataifi Pastry

A week ago my brother’s mother in law brought us from Crete graviera cheese. Crete, as I have told you before, is the biggest island of Greece and is situated on the southern part of it. It is a beautiful island with beaches of exquisit beauty. My brother’s mother in law lives there and now...


Goat Cheese Pies

  I don’t know what has happened to me the last few days and although I cooked a lot I did not have the time to post about it. Now, I have a little time before I go to pick up my child from school so as to give you a quick and tasty recipe...


Cinnamon-Apple Cake

  I am always in the search of a really good apple cake. I have tried many. Some of them were total failure, some of them were ok and some of them were good. This cake falls into the last case. It is a good, tasty apple cake. But, it is not the cake that...


Apple Scones

  This recipe comes originally from another blogger Anne and her blog Anne’s Food but I made my own alterations so as to adjust it to my family’s taste. Anyway, if you want the original recipe you can find it on the above mentioned blog. What I did basically is to increase the amount of...


Molten Chocolate Cake

Now, isn’t this oven glove cute or what? I couldn’t resist the idea of photographing it and I found this opportunity with these cakes. My mother bought them for me and I think they are lovely. Anyway, yesterday my son finished studying early enough to allow me to go to the kitchen and make these...


Chocolate Walnut Pie

In Greece walnut pie is a traditional sweet. It is more of a cake than a pie, but we call it pie. Anyway, it is very tasteful and we eat it a lot during winter. This one is a twisted version with chocolate. The recipe originally comes from my favorite greek pastry chef Stelios Parliaros...


Molasses Cookies

I was looking at my closet the other time and I have noticed that I had a jar of molasses almost intact. So, I started my search through the internet, so as to find a recipe that would help me consume most of it. And I found it. It comes from another blogger Culinary Chase...


Mushroom Pasta

  I know it’s been quite few days, but I have good excuse. I was having a friend of mine from the States staying with us and I had to show her around. Fatimah is a friend of mine from the days back when I was in the States pursuing my Master’s degree. We lost...

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