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Now, this sweet is totally the opposite from the mug cake. It is not difficult per se, but it requires time. I did it in two phases. First, I prepared the choux dough and second, I made the crème patisserie and the chocolate ganache. I loved it and so did everyone who tasted it! Profiteroles...


Green Salad with Catalina Dressing

I would like to thank you all for your words of sympathy regarding our recent loss. With all these things going on around here, unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to follow you as often as I wanted and also didn’t have the time to post about a tag. My fellow blogger Elisabeth from Food...


Raisins Bread (Stafidopsomo)

As I have told you in the past, here in Greece we still have bakeries that sell bread, cookies and other sweet treats. In every neighborhood one can find several of them. I make my own bread now, so my visits to my local bakery are limited. Last time I went there, was to buy...


Creamy Pasta with Broccoli

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your get well wishes. I do appreciate it and makes me feel a part of a community, that although its members are scattered around the globe, they care and they do spend some of their valuable time thinking about the others. Thank you again. I...


Melomakarona Part 2

Christmas has passed. I am sure you all had a great time with your families or friends. But don’t get sad, we have New Year’s Eve still coming. It is a big celebration as well. I know that some of you may have had all their share on cookies, but I promised to give you a...